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Modular area view kit

A modular area view kit (AVK) from First Sensor aids in the setup of 360° all-around view systems for applications in special vehicles and machines. AVK allows users to quickly and easily build up, develop and test a demo system. The kit consists of four digital HDR-CMOS cameras with a range of accessories for mounting on the vehicle or on a metal plate for desktop applications. The AVK software stitches together the images of the individual cameras to form a virtual overall picture and allows the programming of arbitrary viewing angles and zoom functions. The kit delivers real-time images not only from a bird's-eye view, but from any angle in a 360° all-around view. The driver or operator virtually looks from the outside on the machine and recognizes obstacles and distances to objects, which increases reliability and productivity through faster maneuvering and avoidance of accidents and interruptions. An OpenGL ES application programming interface is included. For more information, visit

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