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Test bench for large couplings

KTR has started up a test bench for large couplings that covers a performance range up to 500,000 N∙m at its headquarters in Rheine. The test bench allows the company to calculate mechanical coupling parameters and perform service-life testing. It includes an electrical variable-speed drive that generates a maximum testing torque of 500,000 N∙m via several gears. Torque is measured on the gear output side through a calibrated measuring shaft via DMS technology, while the twisting angle is calculated on the drive side through a pulse encoder or a position sensor that is installed directly on the testing sample. The data acquired allows calculation of torsion spring stiffness. Apart from recording mechanical coupling figures, testing of component strength and service life is performed on the test bench. Additionally, positive-locking and frictionally engaged overload systems will be tested and set on the equipment. For more information, visit

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