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Wear-resistant pumps

Duechting Pumpen’s WRX single-stage centrifugal pumps were developed for the transportation of abrasive materials and are suited for use in dredgers and other applications in the mining and processing of gravel and sand. The pumps are designed with an oversized wall thickness for the wear plates on the suction and drive side of the pump. Even the closed, two- or three-vaned impeller is designed for use in harsh environments with high stress loads. Shaft sealing can either be stuffing box or mechanical seal. Oil or grease lubricated heavy-duty bearings are used to ensure long service life and reduce vibration and noise. The hydraulic components of the pump are made of various grades of cast iron, and are engineered for specific applications. Standard material for wear parts is high chromium abrasion-resistant cast iron with hardening of min. 550 HV. The pump can handle flow rates to 22,000 gal/min (83,300 L/min) and pressures to 150 psi (10 bar). For more information, visit

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