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CAN-enabled electrohydraulic mobile valve

Eaton’s CMA Advanced Mobile Valve with Independent Metering offers manufacturers numerous possibilities to differentiate machine capabilities. The CAN-enabled electrohydraulic mobile valve features on-board electronics and sophisticated software algorithms. As part of Eaton’s advanced class of Dynamic Machine Control solutions, the CMA valve empowers OEMs to impact and improve every phase of the machine life cycle. Through intelligent features, the valve provides a new level of efficiency, productivity and predictive maintenance solutions, such as: improve controllability, enable new capabilities, faster commissioning, real-time diagnostics, hose burst detection, and minimize downtime. The uniquely designed CMA valve, available with rated flow of 90 or 200 L/min, improves machine performance without the need to compromise. Independent metering on the valve allows each spool to control its own work port for consistent speed and better control on services, which transition between passive and over-running states. For more information, visit

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