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Composite bonding adhesive

Dow Automotive Systems has introduced customized structural bonding solutions for weight reduction in high-end multi-material performance vehicles. Among the manufacturers using specially formulated adhesive solutions based on Betaforce composite bonding adhesives are Audi for the R8 and Lamborghini on the Huracan. Betaforce composite bonding adhesives are designed to support hybrid constructions such as lightweight solutions. Audi and Lamborghini are utilizing carbon fiber and bonding of structural parts including pillars or tunnels with coated aluminum. Structural adhesives also provide processing benefits, including the pre-treatment-free joining of carbon fiber, optimized open times and balanced mechanical properties regarding optimal stiffness and driving properties. The decision to apply the adhesive solutions from Dow Automotive was made after comprehensive trials. Image shows typical application areas for Betaforce composite bonding adhesives, including structural roof, assembly and attachment, tailgate/liftgate, trunk lids/hoods, spoiler, door modules, body closures and passenger cells. For more information, visit

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