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Molded seals

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics (Minneapolis, MN) features a large inventory of standard size molded Quad Brand family of products including Quad O-Rings, Quad-Rings and Quad Rubber Balls for sealing in a range of industry applications. The sealing products are offered in select sizes in small to large quantities for 48-hour lead time global delivery. Available in 12 different materials with outside diameter sizes from 0.070 in (±0.003) to 0.139 in (±0.004), the Quad O-Ring seals serve as a general-purpose seal for use as static, reciprocal and oscillating seals in low-speed and low-pressure applications. According to the company, Quad-Ring Lobed seals have twice the sealing surface to withstand distortion and extrusion while providing longer life compared to O-Ring seals. In addition, they reduce friction and eliminate leakage with strategically placed parting lines. Designed for pneumatic, hydraulic and water applications, Quad Rubber Balls are molded of 70 Shore A nitrile compound specially formulated for precision grinding the ball surface. For more information, visit

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