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Stanyl HGR1 polyamide 46-based material

Based on Stanyl polyamide (PA) 46, Royal DSM’s new high performance Stanyl HGR1 reduces frictional torque in automobile engine timing systems. The new material will provide OEMs with a cost-effective tool for reducing fuel consumption, claims Royal DSM. The company has continued to work on developments to improve the properties of Stanyl PA 46 for use in chain tensioners. According to the company, extensive tests have proven that chain tensioners in Stanyl HGR1 produce lower frictional torque than any other material at relatively low engine speeds ranging from idle to 1800 rpm. HGR1 also performed well at vehicle cruise speeds. Stanyl HGR1 PA 46-based material made its market debut on the latest version of the Pentastar V6 engine, built by Fiat Chrysler America and fitted to numerous vehicles. For more information, visit

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