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Power tester

The MicReD Power Tester 600A from Mentor Graphics Corp. (Wilsonville, OR) tests electric and hybrid vehicle (EV/HEV) power electronics reliability during power cycling. The device allows EV/HEV development and reliability engineers to test power electronics (such as insulated gate bipolar transistors—IGBTs, MOSFETs, transistors and chargers) for mission-critical thermal reliability and lifecycle performance. Built for manufacturing as well as laboratory environments, the MicReD Power Tester 600A provides a simple reliability testing process for lifecycle estimation. It powers IGBT modules through tens of thousands of cycles, providing real-time failure-in-progress data for diagnostics, reducing test time and eliminating the need for post-mortem or destructive-failure analysis. Up to eight MicReD 600A Power Testers can be chained together to allow users to power cycle up to 128 IGBTs simultaneously in a system test. For more information, visit

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