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Mahindra & Mahindra's DiGiSENSE is a smart application to empower its customers to digitally build knowledge 24x7 about the performance and location of their mobility products and tractors.

Mahindra connects vehicles via cloud-based technology platform

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd (M&M) has launched DiGiSENSE, a technology solution that connects Mahindra vehicles, tractors, trucks and construction equipment to the cloud. The company expects the open-architecture platform to greatly enhance the vehicle ownership experience, by providing data 24x7 about the performance and location of their vehicles, and by automatically upgrading the platform to the latest version on a periodic basis.

DiGiSENSE, which stands for digitally enabled sensing, will be available across Mahindra’s range of mobility products from commercial and passenger vehicles to tractors and construction equipment. According to M&M, the DiGiSENSE launch makes the company the first OEM in India to integrate its product lineup onto a cloud-based technology platform.

The solution empowers owners, fleet operators, drivers, dealers and service teams to access vital information about their vehicles, trucks, tractors or construction equipment on a real-time basis from the driver’s seat or remotely. Key features include route planning and delivery tracking, vehicle utilization reports, trip optimization, alerts and machine hour operations, and geo fencing.

“Digitization is emerging as a key differentiator for business transformation, and connected vehicle technology is one such manifestation,” said Dr. Pawan Goenka, Executive Director, Mahindra & Mahindra, at the August launch of DiGiSENSE. “At Mahindra we regularly challenge conventional thinking and create disruptions and the launch of DiGiSENSE 1.0 is one such effort to adopt technology to develop new ecosystems. It is the first-of-its-kind technology platform which is multi-application and multi-product enabled. From providing real-time data, to tracking performance and productivity of the vehicles, DiGiSENSE will enable customers to control their businesses.”

The cloud-based platform allows customers to constantly build knowledge about their vehicles. Drivers can contact emergency breakdown services or pull up a route planner at the touch of a button, fleet owners and dealers can track the location of their vehicles in real time, while remote diagnostics and reports allow service teams to monitor the vehicle’s health and productivity parameters, on a real-time basis.

DiGiSENSE will initially be available in the Jeeto and Imperio in the small commercial vehicles market, the Arjun Novo in the tractor market, the Mahindra Blazo in the heavy commercial vehicles market, and the Earthmaster in the construction equipment market. Available as a subscription-based service, DiGiSENSE will eventually be available across Mahindra’s entire lineup of vehicles, says the company.

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