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SIDACtor protection thyristors

Littelfuse, Inc.’s (Chicago, IL) new series of SIDACtor protection thyristors in DO-214AB (surface-mount) packages are designed to protect low-data-rate interfaces and outdoor data interfaces in general industrial applications. The Pxxx0S3NLRP Series offers robust surge protection performance at up to 2.5 kA, while maintaining much lower switching threshold (VS) and on-state voltage (VT) than traditional protection solutions like Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) technology. The series also offer crowbarring power fault protection that, according to company claims, is superior to typical clamping devices. Applications include protection for general industrial outdoor data interfaces, such as short loop interfaces (<10 m) located at base station sites, and low-data-rate interfaces such as RS-232 or RS-423. For more information, visit

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