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Noise and vibration-resistant rotary latch

Southco, Inc. (Concordville, PA) has launched the stainless steel R4-10 rotary latch with integrated bumper that can be combined with the company’s line of mechanical and electronic actuators and cables for a complete rotary latching system. Available in single- and two-stage options, the R4-10 features an integrated rubber bumper that eliminates noise and vibration caused by normal operation. The R4-10 with integrated bumper features a design that traps the striker between a rubber bumper and rotor. Without extra clearance or room to move, any noise potential that could be caused by metal-on-metal movement or vibration is eliminated. According to the company, these latches are specifically designed for applications, like off-highway, where operation of larger, more powerful equipment has the potential to create unwanted noise or vibration. The stainless steel version offers corrosion resistance for consistent performance in harsh environments. For more information, visit

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