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Elastomers and thermoplastics portfolio

Qultimax proprietary elastomers and thermoplastics portfolio developed by Minnesota Rubber and Plastics (Minneapolis, MN) is suitable for application in custom-molded parts greater than 3 in (76 mm) in diameter that require durability, chemical resistance or low coefficient of friction properties while maintaining quality and high precision. Qultimax does not adversely impact any of the materials' bulk properties including compression set, which allows it to maintain its original form and sealing force, retaining integrity throughout a product’s lifecycle. Qultimax also does not change the high-performance attributes of the product, including severe chemical exposure to acids, bases and solvents and thermal stability at temperatures as high as 500°F (262°C). Qultimax’s low coefficient provides resistance to bonding and sticking to other materials. For more information, visit

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