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Fingerprint-free coatings

NBD Nanotechnologies (Boston, MA) features a new coating solution that renders fingerprints invisible on metal and glass surfaces. According to the company, its patented InvisiPrint solution allows manufacturers to meet the long-standing demand by consumers for a solution that reduces or eliminates the appearance of fingerprints on products such as electronic displays and automotive interiors, among others. The InvisiPrint system is a coating that combines hydrophobic and oleophilic properties, making it unlike any coating solution available today, claims the company. The result of this patented approach is to spread the oil of the fingerprint on the surface. This spreading allows light to pass through the fingerprint undeterred, which makes the fingerprint invisible. NBD Nanotechnologies will be presenting at an SAE WCX17 Technical Session on “Advances in Coatings.” For more information, visit

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