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Electrically conductive adhesive

LOCTITE ABLESTIK ICP 3535M1 electrically conductive adhesive (ECA) from Henkel (Irvine, CA) provides a robust alternative to solder for many applications, lowers component assembly stress, and facilitates lead-free interconnection for regulatory compliance. Due to its versatility and proven reliability, Henkel says LOCTITE ABLESTIK ICP 3535M1 recently has been accepted at global automotive electronics manufacturers, where the material is being used successfully for the production of transmission control units and qualified for several other automotive applications. Internal and customer qualification testing have confirmed the material’s stable contact resistance and good mechanical integrity after 3000 hours of temperature and humidity testing, 3000 cycles of thermal shock evaluation and 3000 hours of heat storage. Whereas other ECAs are unable to cope with non-noble metals on component terminations, LOCTITE ABLESTIK ICP 3535M1 succeeds in delivering performance and reliability effectiveness on traditional palladium silver-, silver- and gold-finished components, as well as cost-effective tin-terminated components.

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