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Light-curable black adhesive

DELO-DUALBOND GE4949 from DELO Adhesives (Sudbury, MA) is a black adhesive that is light-curable. The black-dyed, multi-purpose, modified acrylate can be used for bonding most metals, plastics and glass. Designed for light-curing processes, the company says this adhesive is rare in that it is both black and translucent, allowing the photo initiators in the adhesive layer to decompose and start the crosslinking reaction. A small humidity-curing element is found in the adhesive that triggers curing in small shadowed areas. DELO-DUALBOND GE4949 is used to bond layers up to 500 µm in thickness. It can achieve high strength and is suitable for sealing and bonding black components on sealing wires, covering lettering, bonding clips or emblems and connecting terminals.

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