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Mobile combustion analysis

With Kistler’s (Amherst, NY) KiBox, information about combustion, injection valve actuation and ignition can be reliably captured, processed and viewed in the familiar INCA environment, among others. Specifically designed for onboard or test bench use, Kistler's compact KiBox complements its product portfolio for engine combustion analysis. The new KiBox Cockpit V3.0 can be extended to 16 channels with the help of two cascaded boxes, therefore, according to Kistler, it is even better prepared to handle test bench applications. Another benefit: users themselves can program real-time calculations based on their own algorithms, so they can protect their know-how. A driver update also makes the KiBox Cockpit V3.0 compatible with the most recent INCA version (7.2), thus it matches the latest stage of the application tool's development.

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