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J1939 CAN bus splitter

The CAN bus splitter from Trombetta (Milwaukee, WI) provides a cost-effective and space-efficient way of connecting multiple devices to the J1939 CAN bus. Featuring a small footprint, this module reduces cost by eliminating Y adapters and extra harnesses typically used to provide additional connections to the bus. The module also includes several standard configurations and easy two-point mounting and rugged ABS housing. The J1939 Can bus splitter is potted (true IP67 rating) and is customizable. It offers operating temperature ranges from -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F). The module has a mass of 0.40 lb (0.18 kg) and is 2.000 in (0.91 kg) W x 3.125 in (1.417 kg) L x 2.250 in (1.020 kg) H.

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