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New generation Orbital X motors

Danfoss Power Solutions’ (Ames, IA) new generation Orbital X motors increase flexibility in use, improve application performance and reduce total cost of ownership for OEMs. Two new modular platforms will replace six existing options—one platform will have offset and end ports and the other will have aligned ports. The Orbital X product line of OMP X and OMR X motors will replace the current OMP, OMR, DS and DH motor models. In comparison to existing models, Orbital X motors have up to 15% higher torque capacity than current OMP or OPR motors, and up to 45% more than current DH and DS motors. Orbital X motors also improve bearing capacity by 20% over DH and DS motors. Furthermore, the shaft seal lifetime is improved by 50% and the motor has a finish that meets the corrosion class C3 standard. According to Danfoss, these features work together to produce a more reliable, practical and, ultimately, more competitive machine.

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