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Accumulator design and assembly process

To address the disadvantages mainly in the traditional manufacture of diaphragm accumulators, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (Weinheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany) developed a new approach—one that the company says requires fewer process steps, fewer components and shorter installation times. Joining the two halves of the aluminum housing—through the use of electromagnetic pulse technology—and filling the gas side with nitrogen are handled in a single step. Electromagnetic pulse forming uses powerful magnetic fields to reform electrically conductive materials without contact. This technology can be used to join the same type of material or different types. Freudenberg uses it to create a firm bond between the diaphragm accumulator’s upper and lower shell. The company claims the redeveloped process offers high stability and component cleanliness. As a result of this process and the use of lightweight aluminum, new application options are opening up for diaphragm accumulators, such as hydro-pneumatic suspension applications.

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