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Lightweight constant velocity joint

GKN Driveline’s (Auburn Hills, MI) VL3 constant velocity joint system is a lighter, more efficient and stronger CV joint that delivers increased torque in a more compact design. The VL3 CV joint has launched in its second application on the all-new BMW 5 Series. According to GKN, the VL3 joint makes the driveline more efficient, with measurably reduced CO2 emissions—an improvement in current applications. At the heart of the advanced VL3 design is a new S-shape track in the housing, which the company says changes the way that the ball bearings move around. Employing GKN’s Countertrack technology, the balls are given a wider range of movement, which helps to balance the forces in the joint by distributing the torque evenly between the bearings. In turn, this bolsters the strength of the cage and improves refinement in the joint movement.

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