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Secure automotive gigabit ethernet switch

Marvell’s (Santa Clara, CA) secure automotive gigabit Ethernet switch—the industry’s first according to the company—enables a new level of safe data transmission in next-generation connected vehicles. The AEC-Q100 qualified switch is designed to prevent malicious attacks or compromises to the data streamed in and out of the vehicle. This highly secure Ethernet switch has been purpose-built to address the increasing risk cybercrime represents to the automotive industry and is fully compliant with the IEEE802.3 and 802.1 standards. The new solution employs a deep packet inspection (DPI) engine and trusted boot functionality to ensure a robust level of security at the foundational hardware layer. It supports both 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps interfaces with five integrated 100BASE-T1 physical interfaces and can connect with Marvell’s 1000BASE-T1 PHY.

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