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Dual-band front-end module

Skyworks' (Woburn, MA) SkyOne WiFi is a new family of highly-integrated wireless networking solutions for mobile and IoT ecosystems. The new devices incorporate all the key radio frequency (RF) blocks between the Wi-Fi system-on-a-chip (SOC) and the antenna, unburdening customers of complex RF design challenges while reducing time to market. According to Skyworks, this unique platform improves the Wi-Fi system performance compared to standard SOC platforms and mitigates interference with other radios, extending range and increasing throughput to improve the user experience. The SKY85812-11 SkyOne WiFi dual-band 802.11ac front-end module is the first in the SkyOne WiFi family and is geared for Wi-Fi-enabled handsets, tablets, mobile/portable systems and IoT devices. 

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