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1.0 megapixel imaging SOCs

Two highly integrated 1.0 megapixel CMOS image-sensing products from ON Semiconductor (Phoenix, AZ) provide a complete solution with the image sensor and processing functionality integrated within a low power SoC (system on chip) that simplifies and speeds adoption in applications such as rear and surround view cameras. According to the company, the AS0140 and AS0142 can be used to improve driver comfort, convenience and safety through a growing range of advanced driver assistance systems. The AS0140 and AS0142 are both 1/4-in (6.35-mm) format devices capable of supporting 45 frames per second (fps) throughput at full resolution or 60 fps at 720p. Key features include distortion correction, multi-color overlays and both analogue (NTSC) and digital (Ethernet) interfaces.

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