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LiDAR sensor

The VLS-128 LiDAR sensor from Velodyne (San Jose, CA) is designed for the rapidly-expanding autonomous-vehicle market. It provides three advances for autonomous driving: reduction in vision system compute complexity, highway driving and robotic assembly of the sensor itself. Velodyne claims that the VLS-128, with 128 laser channels, offers the highest resolution, longest range and the widest surround field-of-view of any LiDAR system available today. Velodyne’s new flagship model, which succeeds its HDL-64, has 10 times higher resolving power than the HDL-64, allowing it to see objects more clearly from greater distances, while its highly-accurate object-identification and -detection system can provide what the company says is “superior” collision avoidance in a moving vehicle. Comparison of the VLS-128 point cloud (as seen in top portion of image) to the HDL-64 point cloud (bottom) highlights how the new flagship model delivers markedly superior resolving performance compared with the HDL-64, delivering much-improved clarity and range.

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