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Photodiode chips

Osram Opto Semiconductors (Sunnyvale, CA) offers what they claim is the world's first surface-mount technology (SMT) package for large-area photodiode chips. Suitable for use in rain sensors, the new SFH 2200 A01 and SFH 2200 FA A01 are mounted behind the vehicle’s windshield. When a raindrop falls on the windshield, the diodes detect a change in the incidence of light. This change is then translated by the system to control the windshield wipers and the rate at which they operate. According to Osram, the photodiode chips comply with the strict demands of the automotive industry and are approved to operate at temperatures up to 125°C (257°F). The photodiodes also meet the requirements for AEC-Q101-C qualification. 

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