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S series connectors

LEMO (Rohnert Park, CA) recently redesigned the outer shell for its S series connectors with LEMO’s chocolate block design (shown). Using the half-moon insert configuration, the S series is fully compatible with the existing S series connectors. Both the straight plug-and-free-receptacle now use the same collet as LEMO’s B series, offering a slightly different cable range than the previous S series. Available in sizes 0S, 1S and 2S for cables ranging from 1.4 mm to 9.9 mm (0.05 in to 0.38 in), LEMO’s S series offers multipole contacts from 2 to 10, as well as unipole, coax, triax and multi-concentric configurations. Applications include broadcast, audio/video, communications (GPS, antennas, and transmitters), test and measurement (high-end probes), battery chargers, and high current and high power.

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