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The eVTOL Concept.

Flying cars—really!—at Jan. 22 SAE Silicon Valley Meetup

SAE International’s informal “Innovations in Mobility” Silicon Valley meetup series continues Jan. 22 with a presentation and discussion regarding the potential of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) for personal electric vehicles that also can fly short distances.

Flying cars have become emblematic as one of technology’s long-term promises that “never” come to fruition. But Ralph Panhuyzen aims to debunk the “vaporware” reputation of flying cars with the new-age realities of the eVTOL Modular Flying Car, a vehicle that has attracted worldwide attention for it possibilities. Discussed will be the eVTOL Concept’s primary development points:

  •  An electric vehicle that will sell without having to rely on tax incentives
  •  An EV that defies the entire idea of a “small car”—by offering something else
  •  A lightweight EV that will benefit from battery drive in terms of range
  •  Easier-to-implement self-driving 
  •  Next-gen rotorcraft that will outsell conventional helicopter many times over

SAE International’s Jan. 22 Innovations in Mobility Meetup begins with food, beverages and networking at 6:30 p.m. at Prospect Silicon Valley, 1608 Las Plumas Ave, San Jose, CA. The eVTOL Concept presentation and event continues until 8:30.

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