Image sensors

SONY Semiconductor Solutions (Kanagawa, Japan) features its third generation image sensors for high-speed automation. The high-performance CMOS Global Shutter with the brand-new IMX421 and IMX422 image sensors for Machine Vision and Factory Automation come with a pixel size of 4.5 µm for high sensitivity and low noise. The IMX422 achieves a frame rate of more than 434 fps at 10 bit pixel depth, providing a square pixel array of 1/1.7 in and 2 megapixel resolution, whereas the IMX421 achieves a frame rate of up to 371 fps, implementing a 2/3-in format and 2.8 megapixel resolution. These high readout rates are supported by a full-HD readout-mode and the new SLVS-EC (scalable low voltage signaling-embedded clock) interface. Evaluation samples are available at FRAMOS (Munich, Germany).

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