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IAV’s FOCAS unit enables measurement of engine oil usage and emission in real time. The device uses mass spectrometry technology. (Matt Borst)

IAV debuts new tools to speed engine development

IAV is focused on increasing the rate of engine development. To facilitate this, the global engineering and technical consultancy is displaying its latest capabilities at the 2018 SAE WCX conference, with their FOCAS and Virtual Calibration Desktop systems. These products allow engineers to measure and calibrate engines on a shorter timeline.

The Fast Oil Consumption Acquisition System (FOCAS) allows heavy vehicle customers to measure engine oil usage and emission in real-time conditions. The device uses mass spectrometry technology from Lubrisense along with IAV calibration equipment contained in a single, mobile unit. This allows engineers to measure gaseous oil emissions and liquid droplets up to 50 microns while on the vehicle—improving development timelines and transient data acquisition in specific usages. 

“It is very difficult to assess transient operation and affects or where the oil consumption is coming from,” noted Thaddaeus Delebinksi, IAV’s Business Unit Director for Diesel Systems. “With this unit, you can measure that in multiple places like the intake or upstream of the turbocharger. You can figure out how much a turbocharger contributes to oil consumption. You can measure per cylinder.”

Another product IAV is displaying is its Virtual Calibration Desktop. The system is a virtual environment that allows for engine calibration simulations in static and transient conditions using known emission models for data driven simulations. The unique aspect of IAV’s system is that it functions with a variety of calibration software options, allowing customers the flexibility of using a range of products. 

These simulations provide engineers the opportunity to develop more calibrations without increased time in physical test environments.

As engine development continues to demand further improvements on reduced timelines, IAV believes its FOCAS and Virtual Calibration Desktop systems will meet these needs. Engineers will now have more on-vehicle and virtual tools to improve combustion and consumption.

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