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Auto, tech industries launch PAVE coalition for autonomous-vehicle education

Acknowledging the need for enhanced public and policymaker understanding about automated-vehicle (AV) technology, a new coalition of 26 industry, academic and non-profit institutions announced the Partners for Automated Vehicle Education (PAVE) initiative at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

SAE International is one of the PAVE coalition’s founding members.

In a press release announcing the group’s formation, PAVE said it “will seek to bring realistic, factual information to policymakers and the public so consumers and decision-makers understand the technology, its current state and its future potential—including the benefits in safety, mobility and sustainability.”

PAVE intends to sponsor hands-on workshops, in partnership with SAE, to provide consumers with opportunities for hands-on experience with developing AV technologies; SAE held two such public-awareness events in 2018.

The group said it “also will hold policy workshops in partnership with major academic institutions such as Stanford University’s Center for Automotive Research to help policymakers understand AVs and their potential. And it will produce a website and social media content designed to reach broad audiences with factual, digestible information about AVs and their development.”

Engaging and educating the public

The rushed introduction and often breathless announcements regarding various AV innovations has created a chaotic environment around the technology, while serious and minor accidents during AV testing on public roads also have, according to various surveys, led to a high level of public distrust. The PAVE coalition’s activities intend to address these issues so that massive industry investments in AV innovations are evaluated in the proper context.

“Traditional automakers and newcomers are investing billions of dollars in the technology that will make automated vehicles possible,” said Mark Del Rosso, President, Audi of America. “PAVE recognizes the need to invest in public information -- in making sure consumers and policymakers understand what’s real, what’s possible, and what is rumor or speculation.”

PAVE’s initial membership list: AAA; American Public Transportation Association; Audi of America; Autonomous Intelligent Driving; Aurora; Consumer Technology Association; Cruise; Daimler; General Motors; INRIX; Intel; Miami-Dade County; Mobileye; Munich Reinsurance America, Inc.; National Council on Aging; National Federation of the Blind; National Safety Council; Nvidia; SAE International; Securing America’s Future Energy; Toyota; U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Volkswagen; Voyage; Waymo and Zoox.

The coalition’s website is and it also can be found on most major social-media platforms.

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