How can engineers help ensure the safety, reliability of automated vehicles?

Join SAE International Product Group Director, John Tintinalli and Editorial Director & Content Strategist, Courtney Howard as they discuss automated vehicle safety with other industry experts at AUVSI Xponential 2019.

Safety presents a pressing concern to automated vehicle (AV) design engineers and manufacturers. Technical challenges of automated system operation have influenced public perception and trust and profoundly affected AV acceptance, testing on public streets, and integration into the transportation infrastructure. Media reports also often overlook the need for maintaining and ensuring the reliability of these next-generation transportation systems.

Regardless, automated systems development and testing continue at a very rapid pace. While several industry studies report passenger vehicle usage is currently at five percent, future projections estimate that automated fleet usage could be as high as 95 percent in the coming years.


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This widespread adoption and integration require improved system reliability which will involve many engineering disciplines such as safety and risk mitigation, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and sensor technology. 

On Wednesday, May 1,  from 1:15 PM to  2:15 PM, join mobility experts discussing challenges and solutions at the SAE Industry Expert Panel: How Do We Make Automated Fleets Reliable and Safe? in Room: S404a at McCormick Place in Chicago.  



This expert panel at AUVSI Xponential 2019 will address key technologies being developed to ensure highly reliable automated systems and system performance. In addition, attendees will learn about several ongoing industry initiatives to solve these challenges.


Want to learn more about automated vehicles and connected technologies? Check out SAE International’s Automated & Connected Knowledge Hub.


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William Kucinski is content editor at SAE International, Aerospace Products Group in Warrendale, Pa. Previously, he worked as a writer at the NASA Safety Center in Cleveland, Ohio and was responsible for writing the agency’s System Failure Case Studies. His interests include literally anything that has to do with space, past and present military aircraft, and propulsion technology.

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