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With new partnerships, OTSL builds out 3D real-time sensor simulator framework for self-driving cars

OTSL Inc., a developer of short-distance wireless and embedded systems based in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, announced partnerships with autonomous three autonomous driving, or self-driving, technology companies ahead of the 2019 Automated Vehicles Symposium in Orlando, Florida. The partnerships – with Germany's COSEDA Technologies GmbH, United States-based VectorZero, Inc., and Finland's AILiveSim – involve OTSL’s COSMOsim 3D real-time automated driving sensor simulator framework.

COSMOsim is currently the only platform that can simultaneously run five types of simulators -- millimeter wave radar, light detection and ranging (LiDAR), cameras, infrared light, and ultrasonic wave sensors -- in real time on a single screen. With COSMOsim, OTSL is looking to better virtually recreate diverse driving conditions to enable safe and accurate verifications at a point when autonomous driving continues to move toward practical use around the world.


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