Automotive Engineering

May 2018

    <li><strong>Testing for cold-climate comfort< /strong><br>AE goes way north to the Arctic Circle for an inside look at Hyundai's winter testing of the new Nexo FCV and Kona EV and their unique and critical HVAC systems.</li>< li><strong>Innovation more than skin deep< /strong><br>A new wave of engineered plastics are delivering structural, mass-reducing, and aesthetic benefits for new vehicle applications.</li><li><strong>A secret weapon for roof-crush testing</strong>< br>Before you crush that bus or racecar chassis, find out how engineers at CAPE are optimizing test-rig performance.< /li><li><strong>Editorial: Tesla's Model 3 is two very different cars</strong></li><li>< strong>SAE Standards News</strong><br>A hive of activity</li><li><strong>Supplier Eye< /strong><br>Why aren't there more unibody pickups?</li><li><strong>The Navigator< /strong><br>We can't trust humans to supervise machines</li><li><strong>Acura and ArcelorMittal debut world-first hot-stamped door ring system on 2019 RDX</strong></li><li>< strong>Powertrain analyst: Light-vehicle fleet needs big gains to meet tightening emissions regs</strong></li>< li><strong>Toyota unveils more gasoline ICEs with 40% efficiency</strong></li><li><strong>IAV using 3D-printed pistons for engine testing</strong>< /li><li><strong>2018 Kona debuts Hyundai's new B-SUV platform</strong></li><li>< strong>Nissan variable-compression engine gets first shot at volume with new 2019 Altima</strong></li>< li><strong>Q&A</strong>< br>Honeywell's Geoff Duff talks turbos</li>