SAE International Technical Standard Provides Terminology for Motor Vehicle Automated Driving Systems

To keep up with automated vehicle technology advances and provide global engineering community common platform to work from, SAE International’s On-Road Automated Vehicle Standards Committee published the SAE Information Report: (J3016) "Taxonomy and Definitions for Terms Related to On-Road Motor Vehicle Automated Driving Systems".

"Today's technological advancements in the automotive industry come at a high pace. This requires engineering standards to be applied much quicker,” Jack Pokrzywa, Manager, Ground Vehicle Standards, SAE International, said. “SAE International’s technical standards committees are doing a tremendous job in ensuring that consensus based process helps to apply new technology in vehicles worldwide.”

This Information Report provides a taxonomy describing the full range of levels of automation in on-road motor vehicles. It also includes operational definitions for advanced levels of automation and related terms. This document provides a foundation for further standards development activities and a common language for discussions within the broader “Automated/Autonomous Vehicle” community.

To access a complimentary table summarizing levels of automation for on-road vehicles, click here.

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