New SAE International Committee to Develop Standards for Aerospace Electrical and Electronic Systems Materials

SAE International has convened a new standards committee, AE-9, to write performance, reliability and testing standards for materials used in electrical/electronic systems for More Electric Aircraft (MEA) and More Electric Engine (MEE) applications, taking into account both pressurized and non-pressurized areas of the air vehicle.

The need for this committee arose from a panel debate held during the 2017 SAE Aerospace Standards Summit between leading materials experts from major airframe and engine manufacturers along with research institutions.

Initially AE-9, chaired by Al Lambourne of Rolls-Royce Plc., will concentrate on the need for advanced materials suited to electrical transmission and enhanced rationalized testing criteria.

The first 3 topics identified and confirmed for electrical materials standardization are:

  • Permanent Magnet Corrosion
  • Soft Magnetic Aging
  • Capacitor Materials and Behaviour

This new generation of SAE aerospace materials specifications focused on electrical systems design and  supporting performance specifications will be dedicated to controlling or meeting the demand placed on high performance electrical systems.

The first face to face meeting of AE-9 will be held in the UK, hosted by Rolls-Royce in Derby, on 28th June and will be followed by a 2nd SAE High Voltage Workshop, including panels on materials testing, in Toulouse on 10th and 11th July hosted by Saint Exupéry IRT.

AE-9 will support and compliment the SAE AE-7 Aerospace Electrical Power and Equipment and AE-8 Electrical/Electronic Distribution Systems standards committees under the overall strategic guidance of the SAE Electric Aircraft Steering Group (EASG).

David Alexander Director SAE Aerospace Standards said “This exciting new committee bolsters the SAE standards advancing more-electric aircraft and hybrid-electric propulsion, adding an important new technical constituency in electrical materials – including those at the nano level – to the global SAE aerospace community”

AE-9 chair Al Lambourne added “AE-9 will complement the existing SAE activities and help the aerospace industry to develop the materials, testing and skill set required to make hybrid / more-electric air travel a reality”

An SAE High Voltage Workshop organized by the SAE AE-7 committee is taking place on March 20th – 22nd in Seattle. The Workshop will review the methods available to test components such as cables, connectors, circuit boards, motors and power electronics used in higher voltage more electric aircraft.

The AE-9 committee is open to all interested parties from industry, government, research and general interest. To join or for more information about SAE International’s AE-9 Committee, contact John Clatworthy at

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