New SAE International Standard Helps Companies Successfully Implement IVHM Technologies

SAE International announces its new standard “JA6268: Design & Run-Time Information Exchange for Health-Ready Components.”

This new document is designed to help reduce existing barriers to the successful implementation of Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) technology into the aerospace and automotive sectors by introducing “health-ready components.”

Health-ready components are supplier-provided components or subsystems which have been augmented to monitor and report their own health or, alternatively, those where the supplier provides the integrator sufficient information to accurately assess the component’s health via a higher-level system already on the vehicle. 

JA6268 facilitates integration of the IVHM functionality in supplier-provided components to meet the needs and objectives of vehicle OEMs, end users, and government regulators in a cost-effective manner. Underlying this motivation is the assumption that market forces will drive the need to achieve industry wide application of IVHM technology across the aerospace and automotive sectors, which will in turn drive new health-ready requirements that suppliers must ultimately meet.

“Vehicle Health Management (VHM), or Prognostics and Health Management (PHM), is just beginning to see wide spread deployment in the aerospace and automotive industries,” said Steve Holland, Chief Technologist, Vehicle Health Management at General Motors.  Steve is a member of the SAE IVHM Standards Committee and chair of the JA6268 development effort

“These industries are highly dependent on their suppliers.  Failure to proactively engage suppliers will slow the process of delivering on the significant potential of VHM and raise costs. This standard can help avoid proliferation of different approaches which could be costly and counterproductive.  SAE JA6268 is a recommended practice designed to address this opportunity now.”

Accordingly, the recommended practice contained in JA6268 has two primary objectives:

  1. Encourage the introduction of a much greater degree of IVHM functionality in future vehicles at a much lower cost
  2. Address legitimate intellectual property concerns by providing recommended IVHM design-time and run-time data specification and information exchange alternatives

SAE Industry Technologies Consortia (ITC), a trade association affiliated with SAE International, is developing a registry of health-ready components that would evolve over time to include a system to validate or verify compliance with the new JA6268 recommended practice. SAE ITC is seeking Charter Members to engage in pilot programs with their component(s) as free inaugural catalogued entries in the registry. If interested, please contact SAE ITC at

For more information about “JA6268: Design & Run-Time Information Exchange for Health-Ready Components,” visit

Credentialed media may request a review copy by emailing or calling 1-724-772-8522. 

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