SAE International Announces Inaugural Symposium on Automated and Connected Vehicle Systems Testing

SAE International will hold a unique applied research event, “Automated and Connected Vehicle Systems Testing Symposium,” June 20-21 in Greenville, S.C.

Hosted by Clemson University-International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR), the symposium will discuss and exchange ideas and methods for validation, benchmarking and assessment of Connected and Automated Vehicle Systems (CAVS) in the presence of uncertainties at the technologies, subsystems and systems level.

As the increasingly available shared, on-demand mobility continues to transform the global transportation fabric, many companies are looking to accelerate the testing and validation processes needed to deploy CAVS at scale,” states Frank Menchaca, SAE Chief Product Officer. “The mobility industry has invested a significant amount in the development of connected and automated vehicle technologies over the past two years. However, before fully automated vehicles can become commonplace, considerable amount of testing and validation is required to ensure these vehicles safely interact on roadways. The traditional methods of assessment can be time consuming and costly and many companies are looking to accelerate the testing and validation process. Data gathered from testing and validation can be used to establish industry standards and update regulations, best practices, and infrastructure.”

Through a series of panels and workshop-like format, attendees will gain a more complete understanding of the complexity of engendered engineering verification and validation; and share and gain insights into new paradigms and reference architectures and consensus-benchmarks with complex computational models and fielded experimental deployments.

“Identifying inhibitors and enablers to bridge the gap from technologies to products is the major focus of the program. A forum to showcase the engineering challenges, the underlying engineering frameworks, systematic down-selection processes; and to discuss engineering validation and benchmarking needs is critical,” states Dr. Venkat Krovi, the symposium’s Executive Program Committee Chair and CU-ICAR’s Michelin Endowed Chair in Vehicle Automation. “The symposium will go beyond a set of general presentations into an applications-based discussion of reference-architectures, design- and implementation-choices, detailed/statistical test-results and analyses to assist the industry in establishing priorities for solving problems and creating work groups to solve them.”

Session topics will include:

  • Show Me the Money: Monetizing Vehicle Connections
  • To err is human. Is your automated vehicle safer than you?
  • Safe Automated Vehicles Benchmarking
  • To Augment Reality (or Not): A Quintessential Test & Validation Question?
  • Testing Centers and Pilots
  • Knowledge and Experience Transfer between commercial vehicle and automotive industries
  • SAE Automated Vehicle Standards and Initiatives

For more information on about the SAE Automated and Connected Vehicle Systems Testing Symposium, or to register, CLICK HERE.  

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