SAE International’s Aerospace Council Appoints New Vice-Chair - Robby O’Dell of Gulfstream to provide strategic leadership and vision

SAE International, the world’s largest aerospace standards development organization, is pleased to announce the appointment of Robby O’Dell as the Aerospace Council vice-chair. As vice-chair, he will support the Council Chair, Dr. Andrew Pickard of Rolls-Royce, providing strategic leadership and vision for the Council and assisting in decision making.
O’Dell has been a member of the Aerospace Council since March 7, 2016, and has prior SAE standards development experience through his involvement with the SAE HM-1 committee on Integrated Vehicle Health Management. He currently works as a program manager at Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, where he is responsible for the execution of strategic planning focused on advanced flight deck technology research and development activities. He also leads a cross-functional team of engineers, pilots, contract managers and subcontract administrators to prioritize and roadmap R&D activities to be aligned with Gulfstream’s vision.
“I appreciate this opportunity to serve SAE and look forward to offering expertise and strategic vision to the development of important industry standards that will shape the advancement of the global aerospace industry,” said Robby O’Dell, “I am eager to influence and collaborate with the industry to improve processes and products, and ensure that the Technical Committees and Systems Groups are responsive to aerospace industry concerns.”
The SAE Aerospace Council, which met in Saclay, Paris, in April 2018 hosted by Safran, is comprised of 30 leaders in engineering, R&T, operations and standardization from key aerospace industry, regulatory and research organisations. The Council oversees and manages the SAE Aerospace Standards program and has the primary role of: dealing with standardization impacts of strategic issues confronting the industry; responding to needs for new or updated technical standards; and managing the Systems Groups and Technical Committees.

“We’re delighted to have Robby assume this leadership role in the Aerospace Council,” stated David Alexander, Director, Aerospace Standards at SAE International. “Robby has grown as a leader at SAE and this position is important in providing goverance and strategic vision for SAE standards, helping managing the overall health and continuously improving the performance of the SAE Aerospace standards system.”

SAE International has been developing standards for the advancement of the global aerospace industry for nearly 100 years. The association has the largest and broadest portfolio, with over 7,500 standards.
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