SAE International Publishes New Corrosion Prevention Standard for Vehicle and Aircraft Electronic Systems

SAE International announces a new technical standard that addresses corrosion prevention and mitigation aspects in avionics, electronics, and electrical wire interconnect systems (EWIS) from the design through the life cycle of aerospace and other systems.
Developed by SAE International’s G-25 Avionics and Electronics Corrosion Committee as an industry replacement for MIL-HDBK-1250, “AS12500: Corrosion Prevention and Deterioration Control in Electronic Components and Assemblies,” completes a request from the US Department of Defense (DoD) for SAE to prepare a comprehensive standard for the prevention and control of corrosion in electronic components and assemblies.
AS12500 establishes minimum requirements for the control of corrosion and deterioration in high reliability electronic systems and applications and provides guidance for the selection of protective measures.  When design engineers review  suitable materials and processes for avionics and electronics applications, the standard will aid in the selection of those which withstand adverse environments during storage, shipment, and service.   
“The G-25 committee tried to be cognizant of all applications during the development of the standard – including aerospace, ground, marine (sea), or spaced-based electronic systems,” Robert A. Herron, chair of the G-25 Committee, said. “Design engineers need to be knowledgeable of the potential differences in certain performance or design requirement which are dependent on the application or operational environment.”
For more information about “AS12500: Corrosion Prevention and Deterioration Control in Electronic Components and Assemblies,” or to purchase the standard, visit
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