SAE International Publishes Data Dictionary Standard for Command and Control of Manned and Unmanned Vehicles and their Payloads

SAE International has published a new technical standard that provides a set of mathematical definitions for state quantities and measurements used in the command and control of manned and unmanned vehicles, weapons, sensors and other cyber physical devices.

SAE AS6969™ - Data Dictionary for Quantities Used in Cyber Physical Systems is intended for use by system architects and data modelers while remaining agnostic to the choice of modeling language and model structure.
“SAE’s data dictionary methodology unlocks the system understanding of state quantities and measurements from the tooling and structural decisions of the system architect, allowing systems with dissimilar data modeling strategies to interoperate”. Says Douglas Gregory, chair of the SAE Aerospace AS-4UCS Committee.

Benefits of AS6969 include:
  • A library of mathematically coherent and industry-reviewed definitions that will save system architects and software engineers time and reduce errors in data model projects
  • The means to equate the semantics of a named element in one model with the semantics of a named element in another via their UUID, thus saving model integration time and reducing errors
  • The AS6969™ Family of Dictionaries will not constrain the choice of modeling language or modeling tool, or the structure of the model. Nor does it constrain the naming of types and properties in the model
  • Users can extend the AS6969™ Family of Dictionaries while maintaining mathematical coherence
SAE AS6969 provides a key resource in the industry’s drive toward ‘Level-3 Maturity’ of model-based engineering standards for cyber physical systems, in which multiple domain model standards can be integrated into a single architecture using reusable and interoperable model packages and common information exchange formats.
An Enhanced License is available for those needing expanded usage of AS6969 such as the desire to machine-read the document.

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