AESQ Holds Aero Engine VP Procurement Roundtable

The Aerospace Engine Supplier Quality (AESQ) Strategy Group, which was established to harmonize, develop, specify, maintain, promote and deploy quality standards specific to the Aerospace Engine supply chain, held a VP Procurement Roundtable event, officially for the first time at Farnborough’s FAST Museum on July 17.

The purpose of the Roundtable was to update Procurement VPs on the progress of the AESQ and provide the VPs with an opportunity to share their ideas about how, as a group, they could work together to maximize the value of AESQ’s work.  The AESQ itself was originally founded by the predecessors of those VPs following this type of discussion.

This first-time event was attended by Procurement and Quality VPs and Executives of the aero engine OEMs including RR, P&W, GE, Safran, MTU, GKN, PCC and from one key customer Airbus.
Subsequent dialogue resulted in all OEM’s strongly reiterating their commitment to deploy the AS130xx series standards and agreement to take appropriate steps to ensure an aligned approach in the future. The AESQ vision to establish and to deploy together a common set of Quality Requirements was also strongly supported by customer, Airbus, and key aero engines suppliers.

It was also agreed AESQ should:
  • Focus on sustainable change to achieve Zero defects
  • Maintain clear and simple requirements to address needs and capabilities of smaller suppliers
  • Seek objective evidence to determine if quality within the supply chain is moving in the right direction
  • Explore potential digitalization opportunities, E-learning, training, communication, single industry certification, and a single common standard.
  • Keep their efforts aligned with IAQG
The AESQ took action on several of these ideas during their subsequent meeting on July 19 including building on their current efforts to strengthen standards deployment, establishing training and communication packs for each standard, and exploring the potential for a common AS13xxx ‘umbrella’ standard replacing the multiple company specific SCM standards being flowed today. 

AESQ will report back to VP Procurement Roundtable attendees providing status of recommendations and focus in one year.

About AESQ
The Aerospace Engine Supplier Quality (AESQ) Strategy Group, a program of the SAE ITC, was established to develop, specify, maintain, promote and deploy quality standards specific to the Aerospace Engine supply chain. This work is intended to reduce customer specifics through a focused set of standards that integrate industry best practice and aerospace engine unique elements.

AESQ member companies include GE Aviation, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, Honeywell, Safran, GKN, PCC, MTU and Arconic.

Further information about AESQ including G-22 standards, future events, training opportunities and supporting documents can be found on AESQ's website at:
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