SAE International’s CyberAuto Challenge Helps Prepare Industry, Students for Cybersecurity Challenges

SAE International hosted its 7th annual CyberAuto Challenge™ at Macomb Community College, Warren, Mich., in July.
The five-day Challenge featured a practicum workshop in which students participated in a series of learning sessions and discussions, led by industry professionals.
The students were placed on teams equally comprised of students and professionals, including automotive engineers, government engineers, and ethical “white-hat” hackers. The teams worked on real cars to find real answers to the challenges posed by cybersecurity in automobiles and thereby identify automotive cybersecurity trends and develop talent in a new technical discipline in a high-tech industry.
Michigan Governor Rick Snyder visited the event this year to announce a new high school curriculum. The program, titled “Masters of Mobility: Cyber Security on the Road,” focuses on automotive cybersecurity training and filling the existing skills gap in the career field of automotive cybersecurity.
The SAE CyberAuto Challenge fosters collaboration and creativity among different cross-sectors of the automotive and cybersecurity industries. As a result, industry professionals benefit from the fresh perspectives offered by high-performing high school and college students and students gain exposure to industry experts and hands-on learning you can’t find anywhere else.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has stated that an educated workforce is crucial to improving motor vehicle cybersecurity. In its Cybersecurity Best Practices for Modern Vehicles document, NHTSA stated its support for educational competitions that contain cybersecurity elements such as SAE International’s CyberAuto Challenge.
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