SAE International Establishes New Committee to Address Blockchain in Aviation

SAE International announces the creation of the SAE G-31 Electronic Transactions for Aerospace (ETA) Committee.

Established by the SAE Aerospace Council, G-31 will serve as a forum to gather, develop, record, and publish expert information on the use and application of groundbreaking digital  technologies for aerospace. In addition, the committee will review industry experience and the “state-of-the-art”, publishing documents such as SAE Aerospace Standards (AS), Aerospace Recommended Practices (ARP) and Aerospace Information Reports (AIR) to support the knowledge base and application of new technologies such as Blockchain in aerospace. In this, the committee will work with other global aerospace organizations to ensure that all activities are coordinated and nothing is unnecessarily duplicated.

“Aviation is ready for a digital transformation of how we use, trust, and share data.  Exciting technologies, such as Blockchain, are bringing OEMs, suppliers, operators, regulators, and industry organizations together to identify how to safely and securely share data while still protecting IP and the integrity of the data. I am excited to be a part of the new SAE Committee for Electronic Transactions for Aerospace, whose collaborative works will drive aviation standards and recommended practices that will benefit all industry participants,” the committee chair, Rhonda Walthall, Technical Fellow, Prognostics & Health Management, UTC Aerospace Systems, said.    

The G-31 Committee will build on established electronic transactional processes, focusing on trust in the following attributes:
  • Electronic exchange and scalability of data
  • Decentralized source for data
  • Security, accuracy, traceability, provenance and integrity of data
  • Prevention of unauthorized changes to the data
“As the document sponsor, I am happy to announce that the newly formed ETA technical committee has opened its foundational work project, ARP6823 - Electronic Transactions for Aerospace Systems; An Overview, that will define the overall scope of the ETA committee, the various technologies that are involved, and how they can benefit the overall enterprise”, Ravi Rajamani, Principle Consultant, drR2 Consulting, said. “The document will outline, via a series of use-cases, the critical issues confronting the aerospace sector with respect to the generation and usage of data. These would include examples such as certification data, parts tracking, vehicle maintenance, and incident investigations,” Rajamani added.

The committee will meet regularly virtually as well as in person including in conjunction with SAE AeroTech Congress in Charleston, SC, USA on 27-28 March 2019. Anyone interesting in joining the committee should contact Jordanna Bucciere at

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