SAE International Releases Updated Visual Chart for Its “Levels of Driving Automation” Standard for Self-Driving Vehicles

SAE International announces a new visual chart for use with its J3016TM “Levels of Driving Automation” standard that defines the six levels of driving automation, from no automation to full automation.

The new chart offers more “consumer-friendly” terms and definitions for the levels, which are frequently cited and referred to by industry and media. The infographic will help to eliminate confusion by providing clarity and using terms more commonly used by consumers.

SAE J3016™: Taxonomy and Definitions for Terms Related to On-Road Motor Vehicle Automated Driving Systems” was issued, in part, to speed the delivery of an initial regula­tory framework and best practices to guide manufacturers and other entities in the safe design, development, testing, and deployment of highly automated vehicles (HAVs).

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DoT) uses J3016’s six levels of automation for on-road motor vehicles in its “Federal Automated Vehicles Policy” and the document became a de facto global standard adopted by stakeholders in the automated vehicle technology.

Media may request a review copy of the standard by emailing or calling 1-724-772-8522.
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J3016 Levels of Driving Automation
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