AESQ Accomplishments in 2018 Drive Progress for 2019

The Aerospace Engine Supplier Quality (AESQ) Strategy Group, established to harmonize, develop, specify, maintain, promote and deploy quality standards specific to the Aerospace Engine supply chain, had a very successful 2018 with plans for an exciting 2019.

AESQ is pleased to provide the following review of its activities and accomplishments over the past year:
  • First ever VP Procurement Roundtable event at Farnborough
  • New website – for improved communication
  • New videos including AESQ Zero Defects
  • Released focused set of 6 total standards in the AS13xxx series
  • Supplier Forums in Sweden and Japan utilizing social media to achieve record attendance of 115 and including Voice of Customer presentations from Airbus and ANA
  • Publication of AS13006 Standard for Process Control Methods
In addition, AESQ’s Delegated Product Release Verification (DPRV) Training program, developed by SAE International, had the impact of saving the aerospace industry more than $50M.To date, the global DPRV training has been deployed to:
  • 40 countries
  • 8 languages
  • 8,000+ students
Probitas Authentication, a Program of the SAE ITC, provided the 3rd party certification for the DPRV personnel.
AESQ is planning for an exciting 2019 including:
  • AS13100 AESQ Quality Management Requirements ‘umbrella’ standard replacing the multiple company specific SCM standards being flowed today
  • Supplier Forums scheduled for Hartford, CT, in April and France in October
  • ‘Voice of Customer’ Supplier Forum presentations from Airbus and Boeing (to be confirmed)
  • AS13xxx series Deployment success stories
  • DPRV Training expansion
2018 was a very successful year for AESQ, and we look forward to creating more value-add projects to benefit the aerospace engine supply chain in 2019. 
About AESQ
The Aerospace Engine Supplier Quality (AESQ) Strategy Group, a program of the SAE ITC, was established to develop, specify, maintain, promote and deploy quality standards specific to the Aerospace Engine supply chain. This work is intended to reduce customer specifics through a focused set of standards that integrate industry best practice and aerospace engine unique elements.
AESQ member companies include Arconic, GE Aviation, GKN Aerospace, Honeywell, MTU Aero Engines, PCC, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, and Safran.
Further information about AESQ including G-22 standards, future events, training opportunities and supporting documents can be found on AESQ's website at:
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