New SAE International Meetup will Discuss Using Simulation, Datasets and Cloud Solutions to Validate Autonomous Vehicles

SAE International announces a new Meetup that will explore how simulation, datasets and cloud solutions can be used to speed up product lifecycles and help validate autonomous vehicles.

Presented by SAE – Innovations in Mobility, “Validating Autonomous Vehicles - Simulation, Datasets and Cloud Solutions” will be hosted by Uber Cloud, Applied Intuition, fka Silicon Valley and IKA Institute for Automotive Engineering.

The Meetup will be held March 26 from 6:30-9 p.m. at Prospect SV, 1608 Las Plumas Ave, San José, CA 95050.

Presenters will include:
  • Ebru Taylak, Marketing Manager, Uber Cloud

Taylak’s background includes nearly a decade of experience in the computer aided engineering field, mainly focusing on automotive projects for major OEMs. She will talk about automotive CAE simulations, which can be complex, compute intensive and heavily reliant on parallel computing. The advent of cloud computing has made access to compute resources fast, and on-demand. But what are the challenges of using the cloud for CAE? Join us as we explore this topic, look at case studies from the industry and learn how automotive engineers can benefit from the cloud to speed up their product development cycle.
  • Roland Philippsen, Engineering Lead, APPLIED INTUITION

Philippsen has been building autonomous robots for over 15 years. After an academic career, he shifted his focus to real-world impact, with three years at Google X and now a year as engineering lead at Applied. He will talk about building the company and product that incorporates a unique mix of automotive and software expertise and discuss some of the remaining technical challenges for the tools and methods that we need to make self-driving cars a widespread reality.
  • Laurent Kloeker, Researcher at RWTH Aachen University, IKA Institute for Automotive Engineering

Kloeker’s research areas include V2X communication, environment modelling and the use of drones to safeguard automated vehicles. He will cover why scenario-based testing for the safety validation of highly automated vehicles is a promising approach that is being examined in research and industry. This approach heavily relies on data from real-world scenarios to derive the necessary scenario information for testing. Measurement data should be collected at a reasonable effort, contain naturalistic behavior of road users and include all data relevant for a description of the identified scenarios in sufficient quality. However, the current measurement methods fail to meet at least one of the requirements. Thus, Kloeker introduces a novel method to measure data from an aerial perspective for scenario-based validation fulfilling the mentioned requirements.
Food and drinks will be served.

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