A New Bosch Automotive Handbook Highlights Four New Books Available from SAE International

SAE International announces four new book titles available in the first quarter of 2019.

Titles cover and explore topics critical to aerospace and automotive engineering. The new books include:
  • Bosch Automotive Handbook, 10th Edition - The Bosch Automotive Handbook, now in its 10th English edition, has been completely revised and enhanced to include the most recent developments in automotive technology. The expanded content and updated index make using this handbook and looking up technical terms a must-have reference. For special pricing on quantity orders (minimum of 10 copies), please contact Mike Ferketic, SAE Corporate Sales: mferketic@sae.org or 724-772-7559.
  • Additive Manufacturing for Designers: A Primer - This new title takes the reader on a journey beginning with important aspects of AM part design and process dependence, including resolution and tolerance issues of interest to any manufacturer. It also offers useful insights into how to build especially complex parts and avoid expensive mistakes during and after the manufacturing process is completed.
  • Aerospace Standards Index - 2019 - This valuable resource lists all Aerospace Standards (AS), Aerospace Recommended Practices (ARP), Aerospace Information Reports (AIR), and Aerospace Resource Documents (ARD) published by SAE. Each listing includes title, subject, document number, key words, new and revised documents, and DODISS-adopted documents.
  • Advances in Turbocharged Racing Engines - This book combines ten essential SAE technical papers with introductory content from the editor on turbocharged engine use in F1, WRC, and WEC to provide a historical and relevant insight into research and development of racing engines. The goal is to provide the latest advancements in turbocharged engines through examples and case studies that will appeal to engineers, executives, instructors, students, and enthusiasts alike.
To see SAE International’s complete offering of book titles, visit https://www.sae.org/publications/books.

Review copies of SAE International books are available to credentialed media. To request a review copy, email pr@sae.org or call 1-724-772-8522.
Interested in becoming an SAE author or reviewer? Please contact SAE International Books’ Publisher Sherry Nigam at sherry.nigam@sae.org.
SAE International books explore topics critical to aerospace and ground vehicle engineering. They comprise the latest, most respected information source in the industry, which is why top engineering companies and universities around the world rely on SAE to help build and maintain the highly complex knowledge base required of their staff, researchers, and students.

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