New SAE EDGE™ Research Reports offer Key Technical Data and Perspectives on Critical Mobility Engineering Topics

SAE International announces the launch of the new SAE EDGE™ Research Reports.

Designed to illuminate key issues in emerging and unsettled technologies of interest to the mobility engineering industry, SAE EDGE™ Research Reports are constructed by industry experts to offer a unique voice, approach, and framework to drive conversations on a growing number of trends and topics. Each report provides a structured framework and methodical approach for thinking about and working with rapidly shifting technologies, helping to inform decision-making and strategy.

The first report, Unsettled Topics Concerning Sensors for Automated Road Vehicles, is authored by Founder and Managing Director of Silicon Valley Mobility, Sven Beiker, PhD,  and identifies key unsettled issues of interest to the automotive industry regarding the new generation of sensors designed for vehicles capable of automated driving. The full report is available for purchase and can be sampled with a complimentary preview issue.

“SAE EDGE Research Reports are designed to be preliminary investigations of new technologies,” Frank Menchaca, Chief Product Officer for SAE International, said. “The over-arching goal is to stimulate discussion among industry professionals, helping to lead to the speedy resolution of identified issues.”

Future reports will continue to explore emerging topics and trends in the ground vehicle and aerospace mobility industry and share industry expertise on how to sort through new technological challenges and chart a path forward with the widest possible variety of perspectives.

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