SAE International Expands Book Library with Nine New Titles Now Available

Q2 Book Launches Focus on Aviation, Aerospace, Mobility and Car Crashes

WARRENDALE, Pa. (July 18, 2019) – SAE International announces the expansion of its library of mobility engineering books with nine new titles now available. SAE International books are relied upon by top engineering companies and universities around the world to help build and maintain the highly complex knowledge base required of their staff, researchers and students.
With more than 220 titles to-date, SAE International books are authored by some of the most respected names in the industry and explore topics critical to aerospace and ground vehicle engineering. Interested authors or peer reviewers can contact Sherry Nigam at to get involved.
The latest releases from SAE International, include:
  • Basic Science and Art of Aircraft Wreckage Reconstruction addresses important aspects of airplane crash investigation, who does this kind of work and how a healthy attitude and open mind are required to properly perform investigations. It also discusses what to expect from the on-scene part of the investigation as well as the fundamental approaches to common types of wreckage reconstruction.
    • Product Code: R-480; ISBN: 978-0-7680-1216-3
  • The Future of Airplane Factory: Digitally Optimized Intelligent Airplane Assembly defines the architecture, key building blocks and roadmap for actualizing a future airplane factory (FAF) that is digitally optimized for intelligent airplane assembly. The book explores how these factories fit and integrate with other FAF building blocks that aggregate to a Digitally Optimized Intelligent Airplane Factory (DOIAF).
    • Product Code: R-466; ISBN: 978-0-7680-9337-7
  • Allied Aircraft Piston Engines of World War II, 2nd Edition combines multiple aspects of war-driven aviation and its amazing technical accomplishments—specifically as it relates to British- and American-developed piston engines—that led to the allied victory during the second world war. The new edition has been fully revised by the original author with new images and information, in addition to expanded specifications on the Rolls-Royce/ Packard Merlin and the Pratt & Whitney R-2800 engines.
    • Product Code: R-478; ISBN: 978-0-7680-9554-8
  • Damage and Repair of Aerospace Composite Materials reports the latest developments on the detection and repair of composite structures from the perspective of ten SAE technical papers. The micro-collection of papers offers an overview of composite utilization on large-scale commercial aircraft as well as an outline of general damage inspection and repair of composite structures.
    • Product Code: PT-200; ISBN: 978-0-7680-0098-6
  • Multidisciplinary Design Analysis and Optimization of Aerospace Composites concentrates on the design analysis of aerospace composite structures from the perspective of various disciplines. The collection of ten SAE technical papers focuses on such topics as analytical methods for weight design of aircraft structures, aerodynamic design of flexible wings made of composite structure, and the thermal design and analysis of composite enclosures, among other areas.
    • Product Code: PT-201; ISBN: 978-0-7680-0120-4
  • Materials and Process Modeling of Aerospace Composites reports recent developments on materials and processes of aerospace composites by using computational modeling. The book covers the historical uses of composites, provides an overview of the classifications of composites currently in-use and looks at some recent work on computational material engineering on aerospace composite materials.
    • Product Code: PT-202; ISBN: 978-0-7680-0190-7
  • The World of Civil Aerospace covers the origins of commercial aviation, aircraft design and certification, manufacturing and testing, airline operation, maintenance and safety, among other topics. Collaboratively written by eleven experts with extensive experience in the field of commercial aviation, the book shows the fundamental—yet almost invisible—aspects of how airplanes and airports function.
    • Product Code: R-468; ISBN: 978-0-7680-9347-6
  • Project Management for Mobility Engineers: Principles and Case Studies provides the latest training, workshops and support consultation to Design and Development companies to optimize their New Product Development (NPD) strategies, organizational structures and Design Document Management Systems to respond to the fast-paced and ever-evolving demands and challenges facing today's mobility companies.
    • Product Code: R-470; ISBN: 978-0-7680-9357-5
  • Stapp Car Crash Journal Vol. 62, 2018 includes the technical papers developed for the 2018 Stapp Car Crash Conference, the premier forum for the presentation of research in impact biomechanics, human injury tolerance and related fields. The papers compiled for the book advance the knowledge of land-vehicle crash injury protection by exploring causes and mechanisms of injury, experimental methods and tools for use in impact biomechanics research, and the development of new concepts for reducing injuries and fatalities in automobile crashes.
    • Product Code: B-STAPP2018; ISBN: 9780991133352; ISSN: 1532-8546
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