DATC™ Partners with NUDG to Streamline CMMC Efforts

TROY, Mich., September 9, 2020 – The Defense Automotive Technologies Consortium (DATC) has signed on with NUDG in an ongoing effort to enhance DATC’s cybersecurity posture.
“We are excited to be an early adopter of this important software tool from a local defense community member,” said Brandon Card, executive director at DATC. “Having this in place will not only ease the burden on our cyber security team during our initial documentation development, it delivers sustained value.  NUDG 2.0, with it’s integrated project management capabilities, updates to CMMC changes and concise report generation supports the day when the 3PAO comes to certify DATC in CMMC.”
DATC currently has nearly 200 members, with approximately 70 percent of those classified as non-traditional defense contractors. DATC members gain access to government projects and visibility of their capabilities to the government and among other members. A majority of DATC members have limited or no prior government procurement experience. They greatly benefit from a facilitator such as DATC, which streamlines the process and requirements for engaging the government. DATC’s partnership with NUDG opens the doors for its members to evaluate leveraging this resource in their own CMMC pursuits. 
About NUDG
NUDG is a program management software tool used to manage and maintain NIST and CMMC cyber security compliance. It provides one location to document processes and procedures with an easy-to-navigate dashboard showing the implementation of your company’s system security plan. The program is loaded with the most up-to-date cyber security information published by the federal government and shows the overlap between NIST and CMMC for easy compliance maintenance.
The NIST Requirement and CMMC Practices are organized into “NUDG Identifiers” to show the references, the discussion points, and your company’s implementation status. Each NUDG Identifier comes with editable standards your company needs to meet to be compliant to the NIST Requirement and/or CMMC Practice. These standards are based on the most up-to-date information from the Government. From these standards you can create and document your company’s controls and processes for these NIST Requirements and CMMC Practices, as well as, identify and document weaknesses for compliance.
Any defense contractor with a single facility or multiple facilities will benefit from the software because it creates a common operating picture that can be distributed to the whole company/multiple locations/supply chains to establish congruency.  More information about NUDG can be found at: https://www.nudgsystems.com/.
About DATC
The Defense Automotive Technologies Consortium (DATC) is a unique public-private partnership created in 2016 to connect advanced automotive technology suppliers to government technology modernization efforts. DATC can address work from any government agency, including state governments, related to the core technology areas defined in its scope. DATC was created through SAE Industry Technologies Consortia (SAE ITC) to support the Defense Arsenal Automotive (DA2) OTA sponsored by U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC); ‘automotive’ is broadly understood as self-propelled vehicles for land, air, sea or space. DATC’s eight core technology areas are: Automotive Cybersecurity; Vehicle Safety; Vehicle Light Weighting; Autonomous Vehicles and Intelligent Systems; Connected Vehicles; Advanced Energy Storage; Propulsion; Active Suspension.
More information about DATC, including upcoming events and membership information, can be found at: http://datc.saeitc.org.
SAE Industry Technologies Consortia® (SAE ITC) is an affiliate of SAE International®. The SAE ITC team specializes in establishing and managing consortia by providing proven processes, tools and resources. SAE ITC enables public, private, academic and government organizations to connect and collaborate in neutral, pre-competitive forums thus empowering the setting and implementation of strategic business improvements in highly engineered industries globally. (www.sae-itc.com)


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